design + art direction
Montreal QC Canada

My name’s Anna. I’m an multidisciplinary designer and creative thinker, who use design as a tool to shape my work and solve complex problems. Typography, music, pattern, colors, brand identity, texture, images… all these things do inspire me. I combine art and technology to communicate ideas through images and layouts of web screens and printed pages. I work closely with writers, spatial designers, producers, editors, creative directors and more.

travel stories

2017-2018 Community agency Toronto, ON Canada
2015-2016 Happiness agency Brussels, Belgium
2012-2016 Maow Book Brussels, Belgium
2009-2015 Freelance Brussels + Paris
2008-2008 Sublim Design Paris, France

design & applied arts at ERG Brussels, Belgium
graphic & motion design at Gobelins Paris, France
graphic design & visual culture at École Estienne Paris, France